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Fierce Conversations and Fierce Leadership are not typical leadership development books. They don’t deal in the abstract. They provide concrete tools and practical models for developing new skills, improving workplace relationships, and creating high levels of engagement. Don’t just read these books and place them on the bookshelf. Transform your culture by putting them to use.

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Fierce Conversations Revised

Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott

Inspired by more than 10,000 hours of conversations with CEOs and senior executives, Fierce Conversations is the quintessential guide to productive, respectful, and results-driven communication and leadership.

Fifteen years after its original release, Fierce Conversations is newly revised and updated with new material and insights. Scott teaches you how to cut through the noise and clutter by giving you the tools to transform the conversations central to your success.

What People Say About Fierce Conversations

When the authentic conversations so clearly described in this book catch on everywhere, it will be the end of gossip, corporate politics, bad marriages and 360° feedback. Fierce Conversations is today’s primer for success as well as for survival in our ever-changing world.— Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D., Harry Paul and John Christensen, Co-Authors of FISH! AND FISH! TALES

While success is often measured by an accumulation of titles, acquisitions, and the financial bottom line, little or no attention is paid to the power of each conversation to move us towards or away from our stated business and life goals. No longer. Susan Scott set out to help us change our lives–one conversation at a time.— Ken Blanchard, Co-Author of The One-Minute Manager

Susan Scott has delivered a wealth of uncommon common sense in Fierce Conversations. Her warmth and skill as coach and counselor provide the healthy nudges we all need from time to time to jump in, get engaged, and manage ourselves and the world around us more directly positively and productively. It’s a reminder that ‘the way out is through,’ and she provides great techniques for navigating the passage.— David Allen | Author of Getting Things Done

I was captivated by this magnificent book right from the start. Fierce Conversations insightfully captures and clearly interrogates the heart of ‘real’ conversation. Spending time with Susan Scott’s principles has the potential to make a significant difference in our work, our relationships, and in our understanding of ourselves.— Richard Carr, President & CEO, Vistage International, Inc.

Fierce Leadership

Fierce Leadership by Susan Scott

A must-read for leaders—at all levels—who are ready to take a long, hard look at the troubles lurking in their organization, and do something about them. Scott offers fresh and surprising alternatives to six of the so-called “best” practices permeating today’s businesses.

What People Say About Fierce Leadership

Business in today’s environment is about change, which means it’s about people and leadership. And it’s about starting with the only thing you can really control as a leader, which is your own behavior. Susan Scott cuts through a lot of jargon and commonly accepted ideas and offers up specific, actionable steps to achieve better results. Pick one or two and get started today.— Bill Ayer, President & CEO, Alaska Air Group

Susan Scott has successfully captured the potential shallowness and ineffectiveness of contemporary ‘best practices’ that often bedevil our business efforts. Best practices may be ‘hot’ and ‘in style’ but may very well be counterproductive in leading your organization.— Juan Gonzalez, VP Student Affairs, University of Texas, Austin

Fierce Leadership is not for those who want to become shadows in the crowd; it is for those who are willing to tackle the biggest challenges in their lives, toss out the ‘old’ corporate way of thinking, and execute at a higher level of integrity, both personally and professionally.— Faith Green, Co-Founder of ARC – A Resource Community for Women