Fierce Love I A New Book By Best-Selling Author Susan Scott

Fierce Love: Creating a Love that Lasts – One Conversation at a Time


A New Book By Best-Selling Author, Susan Scott


Fierce Love: creating a love that lasts – one conversation at a time is the third and final chapter of the Fierce Conversations series, written by best-selling author and our founder, Susan Scott. This upcoming book is focused on the conversations central to the success of two people, up close and personal, in real-time when things are good and not so good.

It’s for people who love each other but don’t know how to love each other or aren’t very good at it. Or who used to love each other and want to get it back. Or who are thinking about loving each other, trying to love each other. Or whose relationships keep crashing and they wonder why.

And it’s for those who want to enrich an already healthy relationship. It is about our face-to-face, every day, up close and personal attempts to give and receive love.

Fierce Love guides couples through eight must-have conversations that lead to deep connection and lasting commitment. True stories and hands-on exercises help to:

    • Understand that the conversation is the relationship;
    • Identify and dispel five relationship myths that mislead and derail us;
    • Stop fighting or ignoring issues and start connecting in a deep and meaningful way.

The idea of Fierce Love: The Conversation is the Relationship.

Millions of couples are seeking to revitalize their relationships, and this book shows them how to do that – one conversation at a time.

Love doesn’t make itself. We make it. Or fail to make it. And we un-make it as well. It’s not like God is up there ex Machina-ing what happens in our lives. Certainly not the amount of love we have in our lives. Or don’t have. Falling in love is the easy part.

Staying in love is the hard part. It could be that though we love someone, we don’t know how to love him or her. We forget that love is a verb, as well as a noun. Love requires action on our part. How much love you have is up to you and while it may seem complicated, it isn’t. Not really. It’s all about our conversations.

What we talk about with our partners and how we talk about it determines whether our relationships will thrive, flatline, or fail.

Fierce love update library.

After a season where many relationships were tested and tried, where some relationships thrived and others have exposed cracks couples didn’t even realize were there, or realized but didn’t acknowledge, now is the best time to learn to communicate well. By having honest, compelling conversations with our partners, we can foster true connection and a fierce love that will withstand the test of time and grow stronger over the years.

We know you cannot wait for the release of the final chapter of Susan’s Fierce Conversations trilogy, Fierce Love: creating a love that lasts – one conversation at a time. While Fierce Love won’t hit bookshelves until February 2022, why not check out the latest news on the book’s progress in our update library below! 

Watch as Fierce Founder Susan Scott chats with Adair Cates of GoBundance Women about why conversations are so critical for healthy, happy relationships.
“With Fierce Love, we will come to understand how important our conversations with our partners are, that each conversation can be a small diminishment. String them together over months, years, a lifetime and it’s as if we pulled off our own wings.”

-Susan Scott


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