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See what other professionals are saying about their work environments and give your own perspective.


Help in our research to gain insight into workplace relationships, environments, and trends among other things. There is no right answer to the survey. We just want your perspective.

To see the results of our surveys, visit our white papers and download all of our research. What are you interested in learning more about? Contact us and let us know your take on important topics in the workplace.

Results of Surveys

Fierce Survey: Work/Life Balance

Fierce Survey: Work/Life Balance Infographic

"Having it all" is thought of as the balance between a successful career and a healthy home. After interviewing 1,000 working women across the country, we reveal their attitudes on this popular topic.
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Fierce Survey: Toxic Employees

Fierce Survey: Toxic Employees Infographic

The result of a survey of nearly 800 corporate executives, employees, and educators reveal new insights into employees' perception of workplace practices and the disconnect between the priorities of managers versus employees in terms of workplace communication.
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Fierce Survey: Facebook in the Workplace

Fierce Survey: Facebook in the Workplace

Employees who share personal information and opinions on Facebook are In danger of risking Job security and Jeopardizing workplace relationships, according to a recently released survey conducted by Fierce, Inc. Nearly one In three employees have witnessed or know of a coworker reprimanded for an inappropriate Facebook post.
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