Friday Resource: Your Employees’ Emotions Are Clues to What Motivates Them

This week’s Friday Resource was originally published by Harvard Business Review  and explains why employees’ emotions are clues to what motivates them.    Emotional intelligence is one of the most important leadership characteristics. One of the reasons this is such a desired trait is that emotional intelligence helps us… Read the full article →

A Podcast with Susan Scott: Fierce Leadership, Radical Transparency, & Deeper Human Connectivity

Halelly Azulay is an author and leadership development strategist, and she recently hosted Susan on her TalentGrow podcast. In this session, Susan Scott explains what fierce conversations are, why it’s important that we have them, and a common obstacle we all face and how to overcome it when having… Read the full article →

Friday Resource: How to Quit Your Procrastination Habit Once and for All

This week’s Friday Resource was originally published by and explains why people tend to procrastinate, and some solutions to this common issue.  Leo Babauta of Fast Company asserts that most people know the solutions to procrastination – they are simply unaware that they are procrastinating in the first… Read the full article →