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Are you tapping into the knowledge available within your team and across different departments within your organization? Are the people in your meetings actively contributing? Or are they texting under the table?

When using the Fierce Team methodologies, leaders can make the best possible decisions for the organization. It enables alignment, collaboration, and partnership, not only within your own team, but across the organization.

Fierce Team training is more than decision-making. It deepens yours and others’ understanding of and appreciation for differing – often competing, – views of reality.

The Core of Fierce Team

A Perspective on Workplace Diversity: Building a Culture of Curiosity

Ensure your organization benefits from the diversity within your workforce. Learn three context shifts to create a candid work environment where collective wisdom is valued and put to use.

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The beauty of Team training is that everyone gets heard. Typically, those that are the loudest in an organization are the ones that have their opinions heard. But the Team training approach avoids that, building a culture of inclusion.

Fierce Team Goals

  • Learn a method for making the best possible decision to address a challenge or opportunity
  • Garner active and enthusiastic participation, and learn multiple, sometimes competing, perspectives
  • Shatter the silos within your organization, opting for collaboration and combined effort

Each level of your organization can have their own opinion and context on a given issue. Think of how much better your solution to a problem will be with all of those perspectives

Use the Team model when you have:

  • A high stakes decision to make
  • A strategy to design
  • An opportunity to evaluate
  • A problem to solve
  • An initiative to implement or execute

We each own a piece of the truth. Make sure it gets heard. Use it at your next department check-in or a company-wide strategy session. It scales with your group size to arrive at the best decision possible.

Expected Outcomes

Use Fierce Team to:

  • Solve recurring problems
  • Gain input from all meeting attendees
  • Help make better, more informed decisions
  • Develop buy-in across the entire team
  • Break down departmental walls
  • Implement action plans to move forward

No more silent gatherings where everyone thoughtlessly shakes their heads up and down. Start to solicit diverse, sometimes competing, perspectives that allow the best possible decisions to be made for the organization.

Fierce Team training builds an environment of inclusion where everyone—both external and internal—share insights and feel heard. Expect honest input from every team member, making any group setting worth everyone’s time.

How Do You Get Fierce?

One of the best ways to get Fierce is by having your entire team go through a workshop together. We can even come to you. Contact us and we will create a personalized delivery program that suits your needs.


Fierce has changed my life–personally and professionally. Discovering the power of bringing myself fully to each conversation and the value of the conversation has increased my employee retention and helped me build my team members to the next generation of leaders in our industry.

Tom Seeberger, Bumble & Bumble

What to Do Next?

The most important conversation on the path to change is tackling your toughest challenge first. Get started with your first Fierce conversation right now.