Our Approach Our Approach

Paint the World Orange

We approach our training differently. Our innovative tools and compelling methodologies come from two decades of organizational training and thousands of conversations. We’ve seen success with so many, we know what works and most importantly, what doesn’t.

Many training providers struggle with creating lasting change, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our Promise to You

Our work isn’t done at the end of your program. We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface.

Our brand promise is to be there before, during, and after your training. To make sure conversations are happening at every level of your organization and daily life, because our success is dependent upon your success.

Why does Fierce stick and last?

Our content makes it stick. Our tools make it last. We’ve invested in the best tools and best trainers because we’re invested in your success.

Fierce Conversations Books Materials

Award-winning Materials

Our materials come from thousands of conversation hours with family, business partners, CEOs, and even complete strangers. Over the years, we continue to refine and perfect the delivery to ensure Fierce becomes part of your organization’s DNA.

MindMarkers with Fierce

Fierce Mindmarkers

We’re dedicated to helping others create lasting change in the world. To assist with this, we’ve partnered with Mindmarker, the leader in training reinforcement. Together, we’ve developed a system for individuals to better retain what they learn.



Myfierce connects Fierce facilitators together to compare notes, connect with other trainers, and share best practices. Trainers use myfierce to download the most recent, facilitator manuals, translated toolkit forms, and everything else we provide.

We’re committed to creating a lasting impact. You should be too. The training is only the first conversation. There are plenty more to have.

How is Fierce different?

Real Play vs. Role Play

Let’s be real. The greatest value you bring to the world is to be yourself, and share your perspective of the truth. No role playing occurs during our training workshops. Only real play. This helps individuals come out from behind themselves and into reality.

Immediate Impact

The foundation lays the groundwork for all Fierce models and programs by using real situations. Beginning with an honest self-reflection, the foundational concepts and principles are designed to engineer epiphanies. At the end, you will take away immediate actionable items.

Programs are Flexible

We can customize our offerings to you or your team’s need. Our programs can break down into smaller, shorter workshops or include a series of keynote speakers and workshop. We work with many different timelines and budgets to make it easy for you.

Fierce Outcomes

Fierce transforms conversations to promote productivity, accountability, and develop leadership skills that ultimately leads to a better you and a better outcome.

Transforming behavior from Before to After

You can expect shifts in beliefs and behaviors from those on the left to those on the right, as a result of championing Fierce within your organization.



Focus on activities.Focus on results.
Skirting the issues. No one engages. Nothing changesOpen culture that identifies and addresses issues truthfully. Generating the best decision for the organization.
An “us versus them”, “me versus you” culture. Politics, turf wars, competition for resources and attention.High levels of alignment, collaboration, and partnership at all levels throughout the organization.
Reacting to and recuperating from poorly thought-out conversations.Engaging in effective, consequential conversations that resolve tough challenges.
Leaders micro-managing versus leading. No grass roots leadership development.Effective coaching and delegation. Development of quality “bench” to fill future leadership positions.
A relationship with customers and employees based solely on price and salary. Difficulty maintaining margins.Relationships with customers and employees that extend beyond price. Customers and employees are engaged on an emotional level.
Original thinking is happening elsewhere. Sleepwalking through the manual.Shared enthusiasm for agility, continued learning, and epiphanies; shared standard of performance.
A culture of terminal “niceness”. Avoiding or working around problem employees. Tolerating mediocrity.Effectively confronting attitudinal, performance or behavioral issues, and creating the impetus for change.

There are so few times in a leader’s development that provide such clarity that you start leading your new life immediately. This is one of them.

Nina B. Eidell, Vice President, Human Resources, Allstate Insurance Company

Invitation to Explore Fierce

We invite you to explore our programs and use our assessment tool to help direct your journey.

With ongoing use of the conversation skillset, the way in which individuals communicate becomes more organic. The outcomes are individuals empowered to transform their careers, businesses, and lives one conversation at a time.