Fierce in the Schools Fierce in the Schools

We are dedicated to bringing high levels of authenticity, integrity, and respect to educational conversations. As a result, students are better prepared to navigate their future academic and professional career.

Fierce in the Schools

We’re dedicated to taking our work to schools in sustainable, meaningful ways, and to build a better world – one conversation at a time. Companies today want employees who are able to navigate the complexity of a rapidly changing, global economy. We deeply understand the importance of preparing active, engaged learners at a young age.

That’s what we believe in, and that is what we do. Collaboration, communication, leadership, accountability, and critical thinking all begin in our classrooms.

Fierce in the Schools provides the skills that empower staff and students to have conversations that are critical to their success in schools, in classrooms, in relationships, and in their lives.

There is a great deal at stake- the quality of students’ education, the success of their futures careers and personal lives, and the health of our local and global communities. Your students are our future – we are here to help develop and engage them in a meaningful life – one conversation at a time.

FITS Provides Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

fierce conversations in education reform: uncovering the ground truth

Learn how Fierce in the Schools has transformed education statewide in Iowa and in a California school district.

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Fierce in the Schools equips you and your students with the tools to not only achieve learning outcomes, but also demonstrate high levels of personal authenticity, ferocious integrity, and emotional honesty.

Learning today is no longer just about memorizing facts for tests. It now includes the relationship between student and teacher, and the conversation is the relationship.

SEL, social, and emotional learning competencies influence everything from teacher-student relationships, to classroom culture, to effective instruction, and even test scores.

What are the results of practicing social and emotional learning? First, conversations are transformed. Then relationships are transformed. And finally, trusting relationships translate into productive learning environments.

Discover Fierce in the Schools

FITS Classroom

What is a Fierce Classroom

A Fierce Classroom is meant to help create a highly collaborative culture in the classroom. It is Socratic, respectful, and will get more results. Learn more about the impact FITS has on a classroom.
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How Fierce Works in Schools

Fierce conversations training can be implemented in a classroom, school, and district level. It creates an awareness that there is more than one right way to live a life, and if we listen, we have the opportunity to learn from each other. Learn more about how FITS is implemented in schools.
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What Students and Teachers Say About FITS

Everyone owns a piece of the truth. Hear what the students, teachers, and administrators that rolled out FITS in their community think about the program. Learn how one district made 83% gains in math scores.
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FITS Become Fierce

Become Fierce with FITS

Get in touch with us. We know every grade level, K-12 and higher education, have their own challenges. We’ll partner with you to create the perfect rollout and ongoing implementation to evaluate results and ensure learning transfers from teacher to student. Contacting us now is just the beginning.
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