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Do you love feedback or despise it? Do you know how your team members feel about giving and receiving feedback? Have you even asked the question?

Everyone’s perception of giving and receiving feedback is different. We like to believe we are better at feedback than we are. Giving feedback takes courage and precision. It is an on-going, two-way conversation where context is examined, and barriers to progress are broken down.

The Core of Fierce Feedback

The traditional model of feedback is telling, whereas you should also be asking questions and listening to the answers.

Fierce Activity Resource Feedback Feedback

Use this tool to gauge your team’s individual perspectives on how they feel about giving and receiving both positive and constructive feedback.

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Reframe traditional Feedback so it becomes a conversation in which we have the opportunity to see what we may not see. Providing, receiving, and asking for feedback. It lets you enhance behaviors that are more effective while giving you the chance to change behaviors that are less effective.

Fierce Feedback is not an ultimatum. Feedback is valuable. It is an opportunity for change through constructive feedback.

Fierce Feedback Goals

  • Consistent and timely feedback conversations
  • Deepen desire for real, honest, and authentic culture
  • Strengthening and enriching relationships within your team and with your employees and colleagues
  • Focus on creating a highly functioning team and organization

Creating a culture of on-going, consistent feedback takes practice. Feedback uncovers opportunities, inspires growth and strengthens relationships. During this training, participants learn how to frame conversations to avoid cryptic advice and create a lasting impact where people grow.

Expected Outcomes

Use Fierce Feedback to:

  • Become a leader or team member who asks for and welcomes feedback
  • Conduct performance conversations regularly and in-the-moment (not just once a year)
  • Reinforce what is working well through positive feedback
  • Receive feedback in a way that ensures you continue to receive it
  • Create a feedback culture where candor is the expectation and trust is strong

Well-delivered feedback drives performance, enriches relationships, and creates strong, highly functioning teams. When given on a timely basis, feedback transforms cultures.

How Do You Get Fierce?

Fierce feedback training is offered through all of our get Fierce training delivery methods. You can choose from an in-person workshop, virtual offering or a mixture of all the methods. Fierce will even customize delivery for your organization.


Fierce Conversations has made my relationships stronger. It’s made my relationships with my team stronger. I value that course a lot. It’s a life changer.”

Luca Boccia, Aveda

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