Confrontation Model Fierce Confrontation Training Program

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You can feel it. Something needs to change. Whether you’ve felt it for a week or years, that feeling can weigh you down. Avoiding a difficult conversation is not a good choice, and it’s definitely not a solution.

A Fierce Confrontation will result in a healthy and satisfying outcome, with a deep understanding of the truth and mutual respect for one another.

The Core of Fierce Confrontation

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The purpose of Fierce Confrontation is to explore and understand the other’s perspective through conversation. Enrich relationships while effectively addressing attitudinal, behavioral, or performance issues with a colleague, a team, or a challenging customer

Healthy relationships include confrontation. There is something within us that responds deeply to those who level with us, who don’t suggest our compromises for us. However, instead of placing blame, a confrontation should clarify the issue and overcome barriers that hinder meaningful conversations.

Fierce Confrontation Goals

  • Learn how to have the conversation to address behaviors or attitudes that need to change
  • Identify when feedback is no longer appropriate, and the right time and place for having a confrontation
  • End the confrontation with an enriched relationship amidst a difficult topic or situation

Fierce Confrontation gives you the tools necessary to enrich relationships and salvage projects that might be on the brink of disaster. Understanding common pitfalls made during a confrontation can help you avoid taking steps back and instead arrive at a resolution.

All too often, individuals will deny, defend, or deflect the issue. Don’t let it happen and stay committed to a resolution. Dig for full understanding of the issues. In the end, you will be able to let go of that weight holding you down.

Expected outcomes

Use Fierce Confrontation to:

  • Address attitudinal, behavioral or performance issues
  • Confront tough issues with confidence and skill
  • Clarify what is at stake if nothing changes
  • Enrich relationships through honest, respectful discussion

All confrontation is an exploration for the truth. Give yourself and those around you the benefit of being genuinely curious. Fully understanding a situation is the first step to dealing with it effectively. Learn to address negative behaviors well. Or risk those behaviors becoming the norm.

How Do You Get Fierce Confrontation?

Workshops at your location. Virtual workshops from absolutely anywhere. Keynote speakers at a company event. However you choose to get Fierce, you’ll be given a personalized program for your needs.


Leadership is about articulating a vision and having folks make it happen. That’s accomplished through conversations. Building a problem-solving organizational dynamic. Confronting the real problems. Developing leaders. Establishing an open, respectful culture.

Christine Gregoire, Former Governor of Washington

What to do next?

Confrontation is never the first conversation. Fierce Coaching or Fierce Feedback usually preceded it, but when it is necessary, confrontation conversations can be extremely rewarding. Reach out to us to get the right training and see for yourself how effective confrontation can be.