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You are accountable for what you do, as well as for what you don’t do. Accountability is an attitude – a personal, private, non-negotiable choice – about how to live your life. It can’t be mandated.

Consider how much time and energy is spent covering up problems and creating justification for why things did or did not happen.

Develop a new context about accountability. One in which you and your team welcome responsibility, and deliver agreed-upon results, despite obstacles and without excuses.

The Core of Fierce Accountability

the financial rewards of employee engagement

Create accountability and strengthen workplace relationships to impact the bottom line. This whitepaper builds a case for the importance of employee engagement and details steps to achieve results.

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Fierce Accountability teaches how to create a culture where people choose to hold themselves accountable for delivering results no matter what. Shift your team focus away from excuses, break down silos within organizations, learn from mistakes, and start achieving goals.

Accountability is one of the most desired yet least understood characteristics of successful businesses. Think of what could happen if you and your team spent more time getting things done instead of evading blame.

Fierce Accountability goals

  • Participants recognize the cost of blaming, protecting, and defending
  • Realize the advantages of taking responsibility for their lives, relationships, and professional development
  • Develop a new context around accountability, where responsibility is welcomed

Holding people accountable generates tension, but it is a conversation you have to have with yourself and your team. A conversation that explores the difference between traditional accountability and what it means to hold yourself and others able.

Expected outcomes

Use Fierce Accountability to:

  • Foster accountability within teams and throughout the organization
  • Uncover the dangers of diluted strategies and playing it safe
  • Develop effective responses to those who have a context of blame, protection, or defense
  • Assist in achieving business goals and KPI’s by getting more done, and on time

Fierce Accountability is the desire to take responsibility for results. It’s a bias toward action.

How Do You Get Fierce Accountability?

Let us be accountable for the training that best supports your organization’s needs. We can personalize a series of keynote, virtual offerings, or in-person workshops that work best for your team.


It’s one thing to say ‘be accountable for your behavior and results’ and another to give people the tools to do it. Fierce shows people what accountability conversations look like.

Tiffany Austin, Symetra

What to Do Next?

Take the next step to creating a culture where people choose personal accountability and deliver results.