Train the Trainer Fierce Train the Trainer Certification

Train the Trainer

Embed Fierce within your organization by training a rockstar employee to spread the principles and practices of Fierce enterprise-wide.

Train the trainer certifies someone from your organization to train other employees. Become a trainer in-person at our location or yours, you choose. We can even organize a virtual program to train a global network of Fierce facilitators.

Why Certify Internal Facilitators?

Cultural Familiarity

As an internal facilitator, you speak the organizational language. You know the culture, the goals, and the drivers. Your stories resonate with your audience. You’re also able to increase learning transfer by providing pre-training preparation and post-training follow-up.


Fierce programs are ready for your organization when and where you need them. Working sessions and facilitated team meetings promote ongoing learning.


A reason can also be savings. In-house facilitators save companies time and money so that you have the capacity when you need it.

Easy access to additional program certification

Once a facilitator has achieved full Fierce certification, you are eligible to be certified in the whole suite of Fierce programs.

Where Do I Get Certified?

Two options. Either you come to us or, if you are certifying four or more trainers, we can come to your organization.

What Does the Process Look Like?

The process extends over four days. During the first two days, each trainer participates in the regular program. If we come to your office, you can open the remaining seats to key stakeholders and other participants. The last two days are specific for the train-the-trainer certification.

During the last two days, we utilize real play to the extreme. Individuals are given specific methodologies to teach the room. After the presentation, you get self-feedback, peer feedback, and feedback from our master facilitators. The feedback is honest and constructive, giving you the confidence needed in the materials to train others.


I especially like the rigor Fierce has around facilitator certification and ensuring the Fierce “brand” is enforced and adhered to. This rigor ensures the quality of delivery. Messaging stays consistent from one facilitator to the next within our organization.

Anna Wilson, Talent & Organization Development Manager, Insight

Get Certified!

Becoming a certified Fierce facilitator is no small task. We believe the way our programs are delivered has everything to do with achieving results. For this reason, we do not simply hand out certificates for attending.

Our process requires preparation, dedication, and commitment but don’t worry, our Fierce conversation master facilitators are there to guide you along the way. Let’s get started.