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Paint the World Orange

What makes Fierce conversations training global? Well, conversations are important, and everyone in the world has them. Our training isn’t hindered by international borders. Fierce training translates to diverse groups across the globe. We’ve seen it.

Our vision at Fierce is to build a better world, one conversation at a time. As part of our vision, we partner with large, global training organizations (authorized providers) with established business development teams and facilitator resources to deliver Fierce programs. Whether you decide to get Fierce via an in-class training or a virtually translated workshop, our programs are universal and tailored for your organization.

Translating Fierce conversations

Fierce programs currently translate into 11 languages, and our authorized providers have trained in all four hemispheres. From North America to Asia, Fierce conversations has been to over 36 countries. We’re planning to make it to all 196 of them.

How does Fierce translate?

The truth is, in many languages, the word fierce doesn’t have a literal translation. Susan Scott, Founder of Fierce Inc., describes the word fierce as being “fiercely loyal.” Fierce becomes a synonym for authentic, honest, clear, and compassionate conversations.

How does the content translate?

It’s simple. The words translate, but the message stays the same. We work with our authorized providers to facilitate top-notch, global workshops. We continue to work with translation partners to assure you and your global team are receiving a unified message. We realize there are hurdles like language barriers and cultural norms, and we know that building relationships allow us to bridge cultural differences and stereotypes.

Abandon your assumptions and generalizations. It’s time for Fierce conversations in any language.


Fierce provides a common language that makes difficult conversations easier and more positive. We’re able to examine our own context and stay aware of the emotional impact we have on others.

Darla Balzer, Starbucks Coffee Company

Bring Fierce to Your International Organization

So, you want to be a part of the action around the globe? Help us to spread valuable conversations across your region.

We know the things that unite us are more important than the things that separate us. Let’s build a global world, one conversation at a time.

Join the movement to paint the world orange. You know you want to.