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Enterprise Licensing

Get serious about bringing enriched conversations into your organization. With Fierce enterprise licensing, we help you to customize training for your organization, building sustainable change at all levels.

The enterprise licensing agreement offers resources and benefits for organizations with a large number of employees going through training. It is the most cost effective way to scale.

Why enterprise licensing?

Enterprise licensing allows you the flexibility to custom builds materials and programs to integrate into your organization. Through enterprise licensing, you can:

  • Embed Fierce tools and models throughout the entire organization
  • Seamlessly integrate materials into existing training, presentations, and on-boarding procedures
  • Rebrand (white-label) training with company logo and information
  • Recognize cost-savings by printing program content within organization
  • Prepare a master trainer within organization to certify additional Fierce facilitators

It doesn’t matter the size of your organization, having a master trainer within your organization increases the adoption of any program.


Fierce Conversations has changed the way I look at doing business. It has made me a more balanced leader and in addition a better person. I have the tools and skills to lead and engage in any conversation and come out with the results I want. Fierce Conversations has changed the lives of many of our associates for the better.

Erikjan Lantink, COO, Delhaize Bulgaria

Get enterprise licensing

Getting Fierce is a very personalized process. Fierce considers how to make learning as relevant as possible for your particular organization. Contact us today to determine the best first steps to deciding if licensing is right for your organization.