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Fierce Tip of the Week: Provide Feedback

This week in your conversations focus your attention outwards and take advantage of opportunities to provide constructive feedback. The ability to thoughtfully articulate and explain areas where a project, a peer, or direct report could improve is extremely valuable. There can be hesitancy to provide feedback because of a… Read the full article →

Fierce Tip of the Week: Provoke Learning in Your Conversations

Think about a conversation you had recently that was very rewarding for you. What about that conversation made it satisfying? When I think back recently on a conversation I had that left me feeling effective, the conversation spurred a huge desire to learn. This week, when you engage in… Read the full article →

Fierce Tip of the Week: Obey Your Instincts

We’ve all experienced having a “gut feeling” during a conversation. It is an instinct that kicks in when we sense that there is something going on that is out of balance with ourselves or our surroundings. The tip this week is to obey that instinct. I know that, personally,… Read the full article →

How to Take Responsibility for Your Conversations

There is no trivial comment for leaders. I would also argue: for anyone. How you show up and what you say have impact. Your actions and conversations are monitored at all times by those you work with. The upside of that is you have great ability to influence change… Read the full article →