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Fierce Resources: Is Unlimited Time Off Overblown?

Fierce Resources: Unlimited PTO Policy- Shared HR

This week's Fierce Resource was first published on the SharedHR blog and features Fierce President and CEO, Halley Bock.

Is Unlimited Time Off Overblown? explores the pro's and con's of an open-ended PTO policy.

"Halley Bock, CEO of Fierce, Inc., says that upon switching to an unlimited time off policy in June 2012, her staff has given a lot of positive feedback, and she believes the new policy has helped boost employee productivity and enthusiasm for work. When employees have more freedom around work, they are more energized at their job because they choose to be there."

What do you think?

To read the full blog, click here.

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the Conversation

One response to “Fierce Resources: Is Unlimited Time Off Overblown?”

  1. Lisa Haak says:

    I do think that unlimited time off can be a real motivator and a stress reliever to those who lead busy lifestyles, because they can have the flexibility to incorporate the responsibilities of their job with other obligations or interests to work for them, therefore supporting an ideal lifestyle, which can be very inspiring and encourage higher productivity. Although, I do think that this would work for only some career positions, such as sales or solution based projects or positions. Of course it would be almost impossible to implement for a job that requires constant physical availability to facilitate or produce a product or service such as brick and mortar retail or manufacturing.