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Start the countdown, because we are just one week out from the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) International Conference and Expo.  We will be blogging and tweeting live from the conference next week, and as  I’ve blogged about before,  we are both exhibiting and holding two mini- training sessions on May 23rd and 24th covering our Fierce Coaching and Confrontation models.

A major idea that is going to be explored at the conference is the ROE (Return on Expectations) of leadership development and training. The conference will mark the last speaking engagement of Dr. Don Kirkpatrick, who created the Kirkpatrick Four Levels, a globally recognized standard for measuring the effectiveness of a training program.  His son, James Kirkpatrick, has worked with his father to expand on the Four Levels by looking at how determining your goals before you begin training, and thus inverting the steps his father outlined, helps create an expectation that is attainable for an organization.

Fierce is excited to contribute to this discussion while at ASTD and beyond. We will be introducing a new white paper at the conference; The Big Picture of ROE: A Supplementary White Paper to “The ROI of Skillful Conversation”. In this whitepaper we go one step further from our first white paper, we add that while measuring ROI is invaluable to a business, it is only one component of a larger portfolio in measuring results.

When traveling to any new destination, knowing where you are headed before you begin the journey allows you to not only effectively plan for the trip, but know when you’ve arrived. Why should leadership development and training be any different?

Being able to create the ROE for your organization isn’t a ‘turn-key’ job; many individual pieces support ROE as a comprehensive assessment tool. As stated in our new ROE white paper, “ROI is the “smarts” of training evaluation, but ROE is the “heart””. Creating an ROE for your business allows your organization to begin to have fierce and robust conversations about the “who, what, where, when and why” of your training. At Fierce, we take the discussion one step further and discuss the “how”. The “how” is critical to establish the ROE process, and to provide recurring results.

If you’re going to be at ASTD next week and would like a copy of our complimentary white paper: The Big Picture of ROE; A supplementary white paper to the “The ROI of Skillful Conversation”, please stop by our booth and continue the discussion.

For more information about Fierce at ASTD: including booth location, mini-training session times and the chance to attend the ASTD expo for free -Click Here.

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