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Discover the future of emotional intelligence

Learn the science-based secrets to reducing workplace stress, building unwavering resilience, and achieving higher EQ.

Technology, isolation, and increasing demands for productivity are making the workplace a hotbed for stress—it’s no surprise employees are abandoning traumatic workplaces in unprecedented numbers.

Ed Beltran, the CEO of a powerhouse leadership communication company, believes the antidote starts with understanding how your body processes high-stress situations. We call this Biometric Intelligence™.

Beltran has developed a science-based model to reduce stress and help people build what he calls fierce resilience. By leveraging the combined power of conversations and personal biometrics, individuals discover:

  • their unique stressors
  • master skills to neutralize stressors
  • build unwavering resilience that elevates their emotional well-being.

This is no ordinary self-help book. The transformative process of fierce resilience goes well beyond developing mere coping skills. It helps people take control of their emotional health, become more resilient, and build organizations with resilience as a core part of their DNA.


Fierce Resilience is Defining EQ


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Resilience Webinar

June 6th, 2024 | 2:30PM EST

Ready to supercharge your resilience, conquer stress, and elevate your professional growth? Look no further! Join us for an empowering webinar on building workplace resilience and elevating emotional intelligence

In these unprecedented times, resilience has become a cornerstone of success. Whether you’re facing workplace challenges, personal hurdles, or striving for professional advancement, cultivating resilience is key to thriving in every aspect of life.

During our Fierce Resilience webinar, our master facilitators will delve deep into the strategies and mindsets essential for building resilience in today’s fast-paced world.

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