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When priorities are unclear and team members are misaligned, all that misdirected energy can sabotage your organization’s success. Unreliability, miscommunication and lack of ownership add up to a dangerous combination where contributors feel like they cannot perform to the best of their abilities.

Top Challenges

Missed goals due to confusing or unrealistic expectations that hamper productivity
Lack of accountability within teams and throughout the organization

Introduce Solutions

Dive deep into your own filters — the most common source of blocks to accountability
Recognize and uncover the dangers of diluted strategies
Respond effectively to those who operate in a context of blame or defensiveness

what our clients say

“Fierce Accountability has given our managers across the globe a shared approach. The model empowers employees to confront their own issues and focus on the results they want to achieve.”

Steve Gaurberger
Director Human Resources, Medical Devices, Covidien

Solution Details

Explore ways to become more accountable as individuals and as teams by avoiding the most common mistakes when striving for accountability within your organization. Coach yourself and team members out of a defensive mindset, also called “victim mode” to focus on goals and KPI’s instead. Equip employees to overcome obstacles and embrace responsibility to get more done, on time.
Fierce Foundations
Learn how to undo old assumptions, spark new insights and lay the groundwork for transformation across your organization.

Fierce Accountability
Learn how to make your inner context work for you to achieve the results you want – and influence your team to do the same.

Fierce Coach
Get to the heart of the matter – and act on it – fast. Learn how to uncover solutions, unblock professional paths, and prompt potent action


Fierce for Life Membership gives you access to multiple learning options and solutions.


chance of completing a goal when individuals commit to someone
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probability of completing a goal when an individual commits to an accountability appointment
Source: Association for Talent Development

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