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June 2014 Edition

Welcome to the June edition of Conversations, the Fierce newsletter.

This June, we highlight an article about the World Cup and how it can be used to engage your workplace. We also share articles from Huffington Post, Business 2 Community, and Training Magazine. Additionally, the Fierce in the Schools team shares updates, and highlights that we are at the National Charter School Conference that starts today in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As always, we're interested in hearing your thoughts on our Fierce blog, and don't forget to check out upcoming workshops, webinars, and other events!

1. 3 Ways the World Cup Can Improve Workplace Culture
2. Fierce News!
3. Fierce in the Schools News!
4. Fierce Events: Save the Date

1. 3 Ways the World Cup Can Improve Workplace Culture 

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is probably already distracting your employees on a day-to-day basis, with some games starting during normal business hours. But why fight the global sporting event’s appeal? Halley Bock, the president and CEO of Fierce, Inc., a leadership and development company, recommends that managers embrace the magic that is the World Cup by implementing these three workplace benefits.

1. Host off-site events

According to Bock, events can help to build rapport among co-workers that will lead to a more fulfilling relationship in the workplace. She adds that if it’s expected to be a low productivity day, that’s even more of a reason to get your employees together at an off-site location.

“The key is to embrace it and use it as an opportunity to bring your team together even more,” she says.

2. Encourage talk of employees' favorite teams

During daily meetings, or at the water cooler, Bock says divvying up time for employees to talk about personal interests such as their favorite team can help to connect them to their co-workers and the company.

“When you get your employees really connected to the leadership of the company, we all are aware how profitable that can be for businesses to have a very productive, engaged workforce where you have got a lot of friends, or folks with common interests,” Bock explains. “Really cultivating those [relationships] and weaving that tight-knit fabric is essential, not just because it feels good, but it will also show up in your bottom line.”

3. Allow fun into the workplace

Employees that are less stressed are less likely to burn out. Having a distraction like a friendly conversation about the World Cup or management telling employees they can check their team’s scores while in the office, can help to limit these stresses.

“Soccer is a global sport, and what a great opportunity to unite people across the world,” says Bock, while advising that managers should “take the opportunity to unite your own workforce.”

This piece was written by Michael Giardina for Employee Benefit News here.

2. Fierce News! 

Welcome for a New Fierce Team Member

Fierce would like to announce and congratulate our newest team member.

Angela Brooks–Rallins – Executive Director of Fierce in the Schools

Making Fierce Conversations Count—In Business and in Life

This article by Colin Hunter interviews Halley Bock about Fierce Conversations and why they matter.

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Toxic Employees: To Confront or Not to Confront?

Toxic employees are the people who are unhappy, unproductive, and make daily efforts to make sure everyone knows about their unhappiness. Halley Bock, Fierce CEO, gives four ways to address the toxic employee.

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What It Means to Lead

Halley Bock, Fierce CEO, shares ways in which you can be the kind of leader who truly influences and guides rather than worries about authority.

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Blog Posts

Fierce Tip of the Week: Avoid Giving Advice – This week’s tip encourages you to ask questions instead of give advice.

Fierce Tip of the Week: Take the First Step to Find a Mentor – This week’s tip urges you to explore where you may want a mentor and start to find one.

Why the Toughest Conversations Matter Most from Blink – This blog shares an interview with Karen Clark Cole, Blink’s CEO, about Fierce and how it has impacted her leadership.

Fierce Tip of the Week: Check-In Now – This week’s tip is to connect with the person you most need to check-in with and do it now.

Fierce Tip of the Week: Stick with It – This week’s tip urges you to commit to a goal that scares you and stick with it.

What They Are Saying About Fierce

“Fierce has been transformational in the way we communicate across our entire organization.” 
– Courtney Graham, Director of Human Resources, ReadyTalk

“People have really embraced the Mineral Rights Coaching Model, and that has helped us transform to a culture where questions are asked and people are curious to learn and understand other perspectives.” 
– Service Alternatives team

“There have been a few times in my experience (personal and professional) where connections are made and everything comes together in a way that makes great things happen. My connection (and Xerox's connection) with Fierce is one of those. Thank you for that!” 
– Pat Nazemetz, Vice President of Human Resources, Xerox Corporation

Join the conversation

3. Fierce in the Schools News! 

FITS Welcomes a New Director

Calgary Catholic School District

The Fierce in the Schools Team has been on the go in the month of May and June! As a Fierce in the Schools Team, we are super excited and very pleased to announce our newest addition to the FITS Team. Dr. Angela Brooks-Rallins joins us as our Executive Director and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role. More to come with webinars and other ways to meet her.

The FITS Team Goes to Australia!

Our Co-Director of Education Partnerships, Janet Irving, travelled in May to Australia for work and to meet her brand new grandson. While there, she was able to visit with our wonderful Fierce facilitators at the University of Southern Queensland and spend a couple of days with our Education Authorized Provider’s at QASSP. Thank you to Mags, Mila, Michael and the entire QASSP Team for the hospitality and the great work you are doing in schools!

Deli and Janet Travel to Iowa

In June, our Director of Training for Fierce in the Schools, Deli Moussavi-Bock and Janet travelled to Fairfield, Iowa to finish up day 2 of our Fierce Conversation workshop with 200 educators from Great Prairie AEA. After leaving Iowa they travelled up to Halifax, Nova Scotia where they met Lisa Bresnahan, Co-Director of Education Partnerships to attend the CACUSS (Canadian Association of College and University Student Services) Conference. While there, Deli presented a 1 Day pre-conference session to a packed crowd! Many of those attending the conference had not heard of Fierce and were blown away by the content as evidenced by the social media posts on Twitter and Facebook.

National Charter Schools Conference

Come visit us at booth 1640 at the National Charter Schools Conference! Check out more information here. We are thrilled to be a part of this conference and look forward to connecting with many of the people we met at the same conference in Washington DC last year.

What They Are Saying About FITS

“Fierce training provides practical processes to change the outcomes of conversations. They're not the same as protocols--they're the next level. If we believe strong relationships and a supportive culture are what we want in our organization, we need to be FIERCE!” 
– DeNelle West, Gwinnett County Public Schools

“Fierce revolutionized my experience as a college student. My involvement with the Fierce team broadened my education in ways that no other class could. The opportunity to participate in the program opened many doors for me in school and in my professional pursuits, while improving the quality of my personal relationships. The Fierce training introduced me to a broad spectrum of new ideas as well as a group of wonderful, enlightened people that I will always treasure.” 
– Ashley Davis, University of Washington Alum

4. Fierce Events: Save the Date 

Attending one of our workshops is a wonderful way to evaluate Fierce for your organization. If you would like more information, please click on the options below.

June 11th Online

Taste of Fierce Confrontation (8-9:30 AM PST)

July 14th-15 in Seattle, WA

Fierce Conversations Workshop (2 Days)

July 16th in Minneapolis, MN

Fierce Coaching and Confrontation Workshop (1 Day)

August 11-12th in Seattle, WA

Fierce Conversations Workshop (2 Days)

August 19-20th in Perth, Australia

Fierce Conversations Workshop (2 Days)

August 22nd Online

Taste of Fierce Confrontation (8-9:30 AM PST)

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