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March 2014 Edition

Welcome to the March edition of Conversations, the Fierce newsletter.

This March, we share an article about mentoring millennials that includes a perspective from Halley Bock, Fierce CEO & President. We also share our upcoming presence at the HCI Human Capital Summit in Orlando. Fierce in the Schools team shares information about the PBIS Conference in Oregon, and is continuing work with educators along the West Coast as follow-up. We also are proud to announce a new Fierce team member and share recent articles.

As always, we're interested in hearing your thoughts on our Fierce blog, and don't forget to check out upcoming workshops, webinars, and other events!

1. How to Mentor Your Millennials
2. Fierce News!
3. Fierce in the Schools News!
4. Fierce Events: Save the Date

1. How to Mentor Your Millennials 

Gen Y craves lots of feedback. Here's how to deliver it.

One of the millennial generation’s common workplace expectations is a desire to have mentors. One study found more than half of Generation Y employees believe having a mentor would help them contribute more at work.

So how can your organization best mentor its millennials? Here are some ideas.

Help them connect

Millennial employees grew up with social media and texting, but they also be highly isolated in “real life” because of overreliance on technology for communication, says Tim Elmore, founder and president of Growing Leaders. “This has led to poor people skills, low emotional intelligence, and the inability to handle interpersonal challenges,” so while Millennials crave one-on-one relationships, they need some help.

Pairing newly hired Millennials with mentors can be key in helping them “find their place within an organization and provide them development opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to,” says Joe Cecere, president and chief creative officer at Little Co. “This, in turn, will increase engagement and ensure the next generation of leaders at your company are passionate about continuing your mission.”

Give them a veteran to work with

The best mentoring relationships are beneficial to both mentors and mentees. Matching your Millennials with mentors from other generations can help develop all your employees.

“As a part of their professional development, pair up the rookies with company veterans to form mutually beneficial mentorships,” Elmore says. “The older employee can teach company tradition and the way things are done. The Gen Y-er can teach new technology skills and share new forms of communication.”

Give them a purpose

While Millennials are working on their own job duties, their mentors should also give them more advanced hands-on experience, says Halley Bock, president and CEO of Fierce Inc. “The ideal mentor will be in a position to allow Millennials to work on actual projects and take on extra responsibility.”

This generation of employees is “driven by purpose,” Cecere adds. “They are seeking opportunities to learn and develop. Millennials need mentors to help them see their role in the organization’s mission and they need to see mentors as enablers of professional growth outside of their typical job responsibilities.”

Talk to them — a lot

A mentoring relationship with a millennial is not likely to be a hands-off experience. Millennials were raised with lots of feedback, and they expect the same in the workplace.

“They are looking for consistent feedback, especially in the beginning,” says Elmore. “Micromanage until you can manage by objective. Stay in communication and celebrate even small wins. It sounds counterintuitive, but it is exactly the management situation Millennials want and need.”

Think long-term

Mentoring your millennials can help them grow, but more importantly, it can help your organization retain them as baby boomers retire. Investing in mentoring your millennials can pay off, Bock says. “When millennials are provided opportunities, trusted with information, and have a clear understanding of the project, team, and company vision, they will be deeply engaged and committed.”

“For businesses to thrive and grow, it is crucial to teach millennials who will become the workforce leaders of tomorrow not just the skills for the job but the nuances of conducting business,” Elmore says. “By doing so, we empower them to collaborate and communicate in a way that leads to increased innovation, and the development of forward-thinking tools that will better our systems and operations.”

This piece is by Catherine Conlan, MonsterThinking, and was originally published on and the online version can be read here.

2. Fierce News! 

Fierce at HCI Human Capital Summit

A Fierce Event

Fierce will be exhibiting at HCI Human Capital Summit & Expo on April 8-10 in Orlando, FL. Come by booth 117 – we would love to see you. Email us at if you will be there.

For more information click here

Fierce and Emeritus Senior Living

A Fierce Case Study

Explore this case study to learn about how Emeritus Senior Living targets Executive Directors and strengthens communication across the entire organization.

Read case study

Welcome to New Fierce Team Members

Fierce would like to announce and
congratulate our new team members.

Kyle McCurdy – Director of Client Development
John Stewart – Director of Client Solutions
Thomas Gilbert – Marketing Coordinator

Should You Participate in a NCAA Basketball Pool at Work?

A Fierce Article

This article shares legal and other arguments on both sides of whether you should participate in NCAA basketball pools at work. Halley Bock, Fierce President & CEO, shares a perspective on using pools to build relationships.

Read the Article

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3. Fierce in the Schools News! 

Fierce in the Schools at PBIS Conference

At the end of February, Fierce in the Schools was at the Oregon Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support (PBIS) Conference. Carol Frodge hosted an interactive, engaging Fierce session that was standing room only. There were so many committed educators there to learn and create change one student at a time.

The Fierce in the Schools team has continued follow up conversations with educators, mostly on the West Coast, and some from Hawaii and Bermuda that want to make a difference for indigenous populations. We are thrilled to continue the partnership with PBIS.

To learn more about PBIS, click here.


4. Fierce Events: Save the Date 

Attending one of our workshops is a wonderful way to evaluate Fierce for your organization. If you would like more information, please click on the options below.

April 7-8th in Seattle, WA

Fierce Conversations Workshop (2 Days)

April 11th Online

Taste of Fierce Confrontation (8-9:30 AM PST)

May 12-13th in Seattle, WA

Fierce Conversations Workshop (2 Days)

May 19-20th in New York, NY

Fierce Conversations Workshop (2 Days)

May 20th Online

Taste of Fierce Confrontation (8-9:30 AM PST)

May 27-28th in Brisbane, Australia

Fierce Conversations Workshop (2 Days)

June 9-10th in Seattle, WA

Fierce Conversations Workshop (2 Days)

June 10-11th in Manchester, UK

Fierce Conversations Workshop (2 Days)

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