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As an adult, I still recall my mother's advice: "If in doubt, don't!" Growing up, that covered a lot of ground and has always applied to the sharing of information. In fact, for 13 years no one got into the think tank groups I led unless they signed, preferably in blood, an agreement stating that they would hold everything discussed in our sessions in the strictest of confidentiality. To my knowledge that agreement was never violated. It certainly wasn't violated by anyone in my organization.

All this to say that we hope you will allow us to know who you are so that from time to time we can provide you with some pretty powerful, highly useful food for thought. We also hope you will provide us with a zip code or postal code so that we can make you aware of upcoming events in your geographic area. You don't have to tell us that. It's your choice. I just want you to know that we are not going to inundate you with a lot of useless, self-serving hogwash. And if at any time you want to disappear from our lives, tell us and you're gone.

Susan Scott

Here's what we can offer you:

  • Giving us your zip code allows us to notify you by email of Fierce, Inc. events coming to your area. We’ve heard so often that attendance at one of these events greatly speeds up progress toward having the Fierce Conversations many know are waiting to move them forward in life.
  • Our Conversations monthly electronic newsletter - our forum for sharing "Fierce Thoughts," as well as case studies revealing how others have used "fierce" principles and practices in the work place and at home… including what DOESN'T work.


What we do with what you tell us:

Your information will be used only by Fierce, Inc. We will not rent or sell this information to any other party. Got it? Got it. Thanks. We sincerely look forward to serving you well over time.

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