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As a K-12 teacher, leader or administrator, you have conversations all day long. In fact, conversations are your most powerful tool. The Field Guide gives you and your students practical and easy-to-learn skills that take daily conversations to the next level.

The results? First, conversations are transformed. Then relationships are transformed. And finally, trusting relationships translate into productive learning environments.

Today’s Benefits

  • More collaborative classrooms
  • Higher engagement levels among students and teachers
  • Better learning outcomes
  • Improved classroom management

Tomorrow’s Benefits

  • Higher academic standings
  • Improved test scores
  • Increased parent satisfaction
  • And most importantly, students who are prepared to navigate their future academic and professional careers

The Field Guide gives you and your students conversational tools to survive and thrive in school and beyond.

what is a “fierce classroom”?

A fierce classroom is collaborative—with high levels of personal authenticity, ferocious integrity, and genuine respect. Interactions are honest, participants stay truly present, and conversations are real.

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what educators are saying about fierce

“Building strong, authentic relationships are at the core of successful school communities. ‘The conversation is the relationship,’ is a perception that has inspired me to build staff and student capacity to have the conversations that can transform student learning opportunities.”


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