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my fierce: the fierce community

Who can join the community?

At this time, the community is open to individuals who have either attended a Fierce workshop or have become Certified Fierce Facilitators, Authorized Providers, or Authorized Training Centers.


Where can I find my Fierce ID?

Your 9-digit Fierce ID (or UID) is located either on the back cover of your spiral bound journal or facilitator kit.


Why isn't the community open to the general public?

My Fierce was created in an effort to sustain the core concepts and models taught in our courses. As such, resources made available within the community contain proprietary information suitable only to those who have attended the course.


fierce events

Who is eligible to attend Fierce Workshops listed in the Events section of the website?

These workshops are presented by Fierce and are generally intended for organizations who wish to "scout" Fierce programs for potential import. At this time, Fierce does not offer workshops to the general public for a fee.

If you are a consultant who has an interest in delivering Fierce programs to your own clientele, a separate Event offering may be found in our Authorized Provider micro-site, or by clicking here.


train-the-trainer programs

I noticed there is an Enterprise Train-the-Trainer program and an Authorized Provider Train-the-Trainer program. What is the difference, and which one should I inquire into?

Our Enterprise Train-the-Trainer program is intended for employees of a company or organization that wish to train fellow employees in Fierce content.

The Authorized Provider Train-the-Trainer program is for consultants looking to provide Fierce programs to their own clientele − often spanning several companies and organizations. However, in order to enroll, one must be employed by or have sponsorship from an approved or pre-existing Authorized Provider.


I am an individual who would like to become a Certified Fierce Facilitator. Are there any requirements to enrolling?

Yes. You must fall into one of the above-mentioned categories of Enterprise Train-the-Trainer or Authorized Provider Train-the-Trainer candidates. At this time, Fierce does not certify any other individuals or provide "match-making" services for facilitators and outside organizations or consultancies.

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