Fierce Resources: My Inbox is Full and That's the Bottom Line

This week’s Fierce Resource comes from Karl Beeman and was published on LinkedIn.  My Inbox is Full and That’s the Bottom Line addresses the importance of leadership development on a personal level. Often leaders see a financial return on investment as the final reward for employee development AND that’s not… Read the full article →

Fierce Resources: How to Determine the ROI of Training Programs

This week’s Fierce Resource was first published on Managing Your HR website and was written by Fierce CEO & President, Halley Bock. How to Determine the ROI of Training Programs explores three specific ways you can measure the tangible ROI of your training efforts. These examples can help you… Read the full article →

Fierce Talks ROE at ASTD

Start the countdown, because we are just one week out from the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) International Conference and Expo.  We will be blogging and tweeting live from the conference next week, and as  I’ve blogged about before,  we are both exhibiting and holding two mini-… Read the full article →

New Report: Prove the ROI of Conversations that Boost the Bottom Line

We’re pleased to let you know about a new report from Fierce, Inc., that explains why forward-thinking CEOs are putting relationships within the workforce and with customers front and center — and how the best way to do that is with skillful conversations that yield a measurable return on… Read the full article →