Nature vs. Nurture: Are Leaders Born or Developed?

The question of whether leaders are born or developed is a hot button issue. Nature versus nurture? This pesky question manifests in two scenarios. Scenario A: If your organization thinks leaders are born, then they believe there are ready-made leaders waiting to rise through the appropriate ranks and land themselves in leadership… Read the full article →

Fierce Resources: 8 Nations Leading the Way in Online Education

This week’s featured piece first appeared on the website. We found this blog compelling because Fierce is passionate about being on the forefront of online training. We recognize that many companies are transitioning to a more virtual world and the need for thoughtful, authentic communication is greater than… Read the full article →

Why it’s Important as a Leader to Create a Development-Rich Zone

“Employees aren’t interested in being treated as cogs in the machine. Employees want to have their hands on the steering wheel and have a clear understanding of their role in the big picture.” -Fierce CEO, Halley Bock   We’ve all heard the horror stories. The tales of employees who… Read the full article →

Fierce Tip of the Week: Provide Feedback

This week in your conversations focus your attention outwards and take advantage of opportunities to provide constructive feedback. The ability to thoughtfully articulate and explain areas where a project, a peer, or direct report could improve is extremely valuable. There can be hesitancy to provide feedback because of a… Read the full article →

Fierce Tip of the Week: Provoke Learning in Your Conversations

Think about a conversation you had recently that was very rewarding for you. What about that conversation made it satisfying? When I think back recently on a conversation I had that left me feeling effective, the conversation spurred a huge desire to learn. This week, when you engage in… Read the full article →

Fierce Resources: How to Ask Questions Like Socrates

Fierce is excited to announce the new series, Fierce Resources, that will be featured on our blog. We will be sharing an article or blog that we find interesting and think our readers will enjoy! This week’s featured piece was found on the Smart Brief’s website located in their SmartBlog… Read the full article →

As a Leader, Choose Coaching Over Advice Giving

Imagine a direct report comes to you and needs to discuss a problem they’ve wanted to solve for months, and they ask you for your help. How do you move forward with the conversation? First, be aware as a leader that this is a great opportunity to engage in… Read the full article →

Fierce Tip of the Week: Hold Each Other Able

In Fierce Accountability, we talk about the difference between holding someone accountable and holding someone able. Often we talk about accountability in a legislative matter. Something we can impose on others. Many of us associate accountability with blame. At Fierce, we prefer to view accountability not as a process… Read the full article →