Fierce Resources: A Simple Rule to Eliminate Useless Meetings

This week’s Fierce Resource was first written by LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, and was published on his LinkedIn Influencer page. A Simple Rule to Eliminate Useless Meetings, provides insight on how to take your organizations meetings from a presentation to a discussion. Similar to what we explore in our… Read the full article →

The Key to Collaboration? Encourage Questions

Collaboration is a major buzz word. It’s quite common to hear that having multiple minds around an idea is better than only one. So how do you, as a leader, encourage your team to collaborate and innovate with each other? Encourage questions. Are all questions equal? No. The questions… Read the full article →

3 Tips for Leaders to Address a Team Performance Issue

As a leader, ideally, you’ve built a relationship with each of your employees. You’ve swapped stories about your families, collaborated on successful work projects, and built the emotional capital necessary to have a successful team- most of the time. However, being a leader means that sometimes you are confronted… Read the full article →