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Fierce Generations provides a framework for uniting people and realizing the rewards of an inclusive culture by celebrating points of diversity among groups.

Fierce Resources: Tapping the Potential of Boardroom Diversity -Fierce Leadership Blog

This week’s Fierce Resource was originally posted on and was written by Debra Walton. Tapping the Potential of Boardroom Diversity highlights the need for acquiring diversity among leadership teams and boardroom members. Although a simple idea, the complexity of finding the right mix can be a challenge. While this… Read the full article →

The Generational Divide: Who Will Win?

Lately the generational divide has been a topic front and center, in conferences, the press, blogs… We are surprised, and a little concerned with the assumptions about millennials that are being offered up as the “capital T” truth. If you look at the press and commentary you’d think that Millennials (insert zombies) are coming in mass… Read the full article →